Movie4K is a free streaming website created in 2011, more than 9 years ago which is offering one of the biggest databases of movies and series that you've ever seen on a free site. Unfortunately, Movie4K has been closed for many times in all these years due to many copyright problems but returned every single time using a new web domain. All these changes are the reason why not so many people are still fans of this streaming brand because after so many redirects the users don't know which is the original site anymore and they are not decided where they should watch their favorite movies and series.

Recently, a team of web developers and movie enthusiasts got together in order to recover the Movie4K brand and create again a wonderful website as it used to be many years ago. Our work started at the beginning of this year when we built Movie4K from scratches until we completed this streaming platform. Initially we started by changing the old design that Movie4K used to have in the past. Even if that was a good design theme, it's obviously it was old-fashioned and we needed a new and fresh one. Currently we are using one of the most popular design among the streaming sites but that's not really a problem becase we've made a lot of custom modifications on it so you can't confuse Movie4K with other sites for sure because it looks very different and personalized.

After we have finished the work regarding the design and finally put together all the pieces of this wonderful interface, we started to work on our database because this is for real the most important part of a streaming website. Content is king, as you always heard everywhere and this is the reason why our database currently contains around 10.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes. Those numbers are approximately but they are increasing day by day because our team is permanently working in order to publish the latest movies and series within a few minutes after they are released officially.

We know how important is for the true fans to get access to the latest episodes from their favorite series as fast as possible so we will never ignore this aspect. In the last year, we published new content every single day even if it was weekend or a holiday because there are always daily new releases and people deserve to watch them for free. Also, we have focused a lot on the quality of our video players. Those are currently provided by a non-affiliate third party which discovered after a lot of research. Hopefully, this third party video hosting site is offering the best quality servers you have ever seen on a streaming site and it never deletes the files so the movies and episodes published on Movie4K will be here, up and running, forever.

Some visitors complained in the comments sections about the fact that some movies and series are dubbed in another language than English and they can't understand it. We really care about our visitors needs, we mobilized and in just one week managed to review all the content from Movie4K and we added suitable English subtitles everywhere it was necessary so now everyone can enjoy our content. Soon we will also try to add subtitles in other languages like French, German, Spanish so even more people will start watching their favorite movies and series on our website.

Movie4K started as a free streaming website and that's how it will remain forever because we are never going to ask you anything in return for our movies and tv shows. All the content we are publishing is available free of cost and can be viewed without registration. You can still create an account if you want to benefit of some extra features like Favorite or Watch Later but this is not mandatory, you will always be able to watch moives anonymously as a guest on our website. Also, we are not using any advertising on Movie4K because this is our passion and we are supporting the maintenance costs of this website from our pockets because we don't want to bother the visitors with annoying pops and ads. Please don't forget to share Movie4K on your social media so more people will discover the best platform for watching movies and series online free.